From recycled textile wastes to plastic bottles, at owl we are committed to zero discharge of hazardous wastes.
We offer superior working conditions. In the name of fashion, every year,
millions of animals are killed. At Owl we believe in environment friendly
products for sustainable fashions.
We have incorporated traditional hand weaving techniques at Owl.
Our team comprises majority of women and they are provided with good working conditions. The production is handled in a fair trade manner alone with providing attractive wages we also take care of the overall development of our team.
We are here to bring a social change, so 10% of each proceeding will be donated to NGO's in the name of our customer.
OWL products will be market across the globe. We assure to gift the receipt from
the respective NGO's to the customer at the time of sale itself. We believe
this will help more people to come forward and support our cause of making the society
a better place to live in.